Fried Rice

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Quick facts: “Fried rice is a widely eaten delicious meal in East Asian, Southeast Asian, and some South Asian countries. It’s also a traditional Indonesian dish. Long-grain rice, protein (like beef liver, chicken, pork, or shrimp), vegetables (like carrots, peas, green beans, onions, and chillies), herbs and spices (like thyme, pepper, and curry powder), and other ingredients are used to make the Nigerian fried rice.”—Wikipedia

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Ingredients: parboiled rice, vegetable oil, chicken, cow liver, curry powder, green beans, carrots, salt, onions, stock/bouillon cubes, thyme


Small Tray, Big Tray, Biggest Tray (Party Pack)

2 reviews for Fried Rice

  1. Hugo

    this stuff is pretty good!

  2. Hugo

    The fried rice is excellent and on point! I love the assorted meats and veggies in the rice! Delicious! Good job Confident!

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